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The Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

The Joker is back with a vengeance, and Gotham's newest Dark Knight needs answers as he stands alone to face Gotham's most infamous Clown Prince of Crime.

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original title: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

genge: Animation,Action,Crime,Sci-Fi,Thriller


imdb: 7.2

duration: 1h 16min

tags: The Epic Tale As Originally Envisioned! (Uncut DVD)


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This movie inspired by the animated series, BATMAN BEYOND, finds Batman facing his greatest adversary The Joker, only problem is that the original Batman, Bruce Wayne already took care of him years ago. So the new Batman, Terry McGinnis has to find out how is this possible and to do that he has to find out what happened only problem is that Bruce doesn't want to talk about it. In latter-21st-century Gotham City, The Jokerz, a street gang enamored of the city's infamous Clown Prince Of Crime, is breaking into a high-tech engineering plant to steal a powerful generator, a crime stopped by the new Batman (Terry McGuiness) and which puzzles Terry and his mentor, the elderly original Batman Bruce Wayne. The reason for this and other "geek junk" thefts is a mystery even to The Jokerz gang, who are now working for someone claiming to be the original Joker himself. When he makes an appearence at a charity function attended by Bruce Wayne (cover to steal another generator), the Joker taunts Wayne, and later sends his minions to attack Terry McGuiness while he attacks the Batcave. But the original Joker died forty years earlier, and why does this new Joker want high-tech items? When a shaken Barbara Gordon explains the fate of the original Joker, Terry begins to piece the twin mysteries together, culimating in a confrontation with the Joker that literally threatens the very existence of Gotham City. As an avid Batman fan, I had to check this movie and is it awesome! The uncut version is definitely the superior one of the two to watch. Will Friedle voices Terry, Kevin Conroy is awesome as well and Mark Hamill everybody! As well as Tara Strong as Batgirl and Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn, the casting is spot on as always. In the show Batman: The Animated Series, the Joker is undeniably enjoyable but here he is allowed to fully live up to the comics as the sadistic madman he is. My favorite scene just has to be the flashback, which not only show cases the glorious dark humor of the Joker, but cements the continuity of the movie and the whole "Batman Beyond" series itself to the original one. How gloriously epic it is indeed.

Speaking of which, the story is a rare treat that you hardly come across today in animation and its really top notch. There's quite a bit of thinking along with the action.The music is dark and brooding, credit to Kristopher Carter. It's a film I can't recommend more and I highly urge all fans of batman, animation and DC to purchase this one and take it home. 'Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker (2000)' sees 'Batman Beyond (1998)' further connect with 'The New Batman Adventures (1997)', and actually serves as a nice transition between the two, by reintroducing Batman (Bruce Wayne)'s most dangerous foe, 'The Joker'. Like with all of the films set in this extended 'universe', this picture doesn't really set-up its world, instead jumping straight into the action with a fantastic set-piece. It's not much of an issue, even though I'm not familiar with this 'Batman Of The Future', and the picture manages to tell you everything you need to know about its world and characters so that you aren't confused, without the need for on-the-nose origin stories or, worse, endless exposition. This is actually quite an achievement and one put further to the test considering my unfamiliarity with the character. Speaking of the character, this new Batman is different enough from the old one that he feels fresh and distinct, a new superhero for a new generation. The inclusion of the original Dark Knight as an Alfred-esque mentor figure is an inspired one, too, and the characterisation is as vivid as ever, flawed and brooding as usual but having these traits amplified by his old age. The narrative puts its focus on a mystery, as the best of the flicks featuring 'the world's greatest detective' tend to do, and it plays out in predictably intriguing and engaging fashion. The enigma isn't one that can be easily dismissed or guessed early and its resolution has ramifications that reach far wider than just finding out who the bad-guy is. The story has some real darkness in it as well, aside from the couple of on-screen killings that caused a PG-13 rating (initially cut for a PG). It's interesting stuff, thematically rich and generally unexpected. Honestly, it's a level of maturity that hasn't been seen in these animated outings since 'Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm (1993).' The picture is wonderfully animated, with some segments making use of single colours to highlight the world's neon-infused technology and other's still pulsing with colour to show the effect of light on the characters. By this point, they really know how to animate impressive explosions. The fights are quite crunchy, too, fast-paced and frenzied. They make use of the new futuristic aesthetic but always remember that there are people involved in the fisticuffs. The way the movie intertwines a past narrative with the present one is inspired, melding the world's of two shows seamlessly into one. I was incredibly invested in its story, characters and central mystery. It is pretty pacy and always entertaining; I had a really fun time with it. It's the last film set in this 'universe' chronologically, and there couldn't be a better way to say farewell to these series. 7/10 "Batman Beyond" takes place about 40 years after the "New Batman Adventures" series. At the time of the show's release a precise date was given as 2039. Meaning Bruce Wayne quit being Batman in 2019 (as seen in ''Rebirth''). This also means the episode, ''Epilogue'' takes place in the year 2056. Terry McGinnis himself has a given birth-date of 2023.

Due to a political uproar against violence in animated movies at that time Warner Bros. canceled the release and edited the movie to a version that was then released worldwide. In the beginning of 2001 the original and uncensored version was released in the USA, on top of that in Anamorphic Widescreen while earlier releases had been only presented in Fullscreen.


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